November 2022

Official Selection
Here come the best submitted films!
Drama Short
"Oldmen Rule"
Alexander Gavrilov(Russia, 2022)
"Road Stranded"
Önder M. Özdem (Turkey, 2022)
"I will never do it again"
George Morozov (Russia, 2022)
"The Counterpoint"
Elena Vorobyova
Damien Beaudet (France, 2022)
Narrative Short
"Sometime we all will be happy"
Ekaterina Saunina (Russia, 2022)
"Accept It"
Albina van den Berg (Russia, 2022)
"The Parallel World"
Irina Mirolubova (Russia, 2022)
"Concert for Mitya"
Natalya Omelchenko (Russia, 2022)
"Without You"
Inkar Yesmagambetova (Russia, 2022)
Documentary Short
"God of Metal"
Gerald Baumann, Aron Ebner, Matteo Molina (Austria, 2022)
"Elkin Brothers"
Svetlana Popova (Russia, 2022)
"On the ground"
Valentina Knyazkova (Russia, 2022)
"Dr Donbass: Behind the frontline"
"Our Big Russian Family"
Natalya Kadyrova (Russia, 2022)
"Tundra Wonder Mums"
Ekaterina Kozhakina (Russia, 2022)
"The Unfreedom"
Angelina Podorozhnaya (Russia, 2022)
Experimental Short
Igor Efimov (Russia, 2022)
André Schuck (Brazil, 2022)
Maksim Abdulaev (Kazakhstan, 2022)
"May Sans Year"
Sofya Leonidova (Russia, 2022)
"Once upon a time there was Earth"
Kirill Khaletsky (Belarus, 2022)
"My Wrecked Retina"
Ava Bounds (UK, 2022)
Comedy Short
"New Year Reload"
Tamara Cherenkova (Russia, 2022)
"Two Together"
Anna Yanovskaya (Russia, 2022)
"A Vicious Circle"
Alyona Polyakova (Russia, 2022)
Student Short
"A Tale About the Property of Time"
Alexandra Lalova (Russia, 2022)
"Mom's home"
Alina Renzhina (Russia, 2022)
Alexandra Ozeretskaya (Russia, 2022)
Commercial Short
"Safely Feel The Real World"
Jody Xiong (Japan, 2022)
"Whatcha Say Duolingo"
Erjun Peng (China, 2022)
Music Video
"Kahide Thare"
Biswanath Rath (India, 2022)
"Le Temps des Ronces"
Geoffroy Virgery (France, 2022)
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