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About the Festival
"Short Shot Fest" is an international short film festival.
"Short Shot Fest" is an opportunity for filmmakers to present their films to the general public, to receive an assessment and review by a professional jury (on request), and to attract the attention of the mass media, movie producers and sponsors. Due to "Short Shot Fest", audiences will be able to get acquainted with interesting works that can not be watched in cinemas, and to discover new names of talented directors, script writers and cameramen. "Short Shot Fest" is a short way to success.
Let's take a shot with shorts!
The birthplace of the festival is Moscow. Our beautiful city, with its impressive and inspiring spirit, makes you fall in love with it.

The "Short Shot Fest" Film Festival is a reflection of the fast-paced life of a modern megacity, in which there is only one step from a plan to implementation.

In the last week of each month, we screen award-winning films in the center of Moscow.
The second annual film award ceremony will be held in July 2023 at Sparrow Hills (Vorobyovy Gory) with a fantastic picturesque view of Moscow.
How is "Short Shot" festival Different?
"Short Shot Fest" gives an opportunity for each filmmaker to find their shortcut to fame and recognition. You won't have to wait for a professional assessment for the whole year: we announce the winners every month.

Sending us your artwork is not sending it to a Black Hole.
We consider each film, each video!
Each director has a chance to introduce himself and his artwork and greet audience through our social media pages!
We know how important an assessment from industry experts is for filmmakers, so each film submitted to the competition will receive a review from a professional panel.

4nd Festival Season: 2023/24
Our festival is opened for each filmmaker of the World!
We love to watch films and show them to audience.

We are not limit your work in any kind of genres or topics.
Choose one or several category to take part in and submit your film.

Pavilion "Books" (VDNKh)
Moscow, Prospekt Mira, 119 b.516
Art-center "Efir"
Moscow, Nizhniy Susalniy lane, 5/16
Assessment categories:

Best Short Film
Best Short Comedy
Best Short Drama
Best Short Horror
Best Short Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Best Narrative
Best Student Short Film
Best Animated Short Film
Best Short Documentary
Best Experimental Short Film
Best Music Video
Best Mini Short
Best Screenlife Short (including vertical)
Best Series (Internet/TV)
Best Fashion Short
Best Commercial

Acceptance of applications begins on the 1st – 4th of each month and ends on the 1st – 4th of the next month.
We combined the films presented in June and July 2020, which will be shown at our first location in August 2020.
EACH submitted film will receive a short review from our panel.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not show films online to the general public! Online viewing is available only to the panel members who select films for official screening.

5-7 days after the application deadline, we publish the Official Selection List and notify the filmmakers by e-mail.
Over the next 5 days, the panel determines the winners in each category.
After that, we publish the list of the winners and notify the filmmakers by e-mail. The lists will be published on our social networks and on our special website:
In the last week of the month we screen the winning films.
Festival Panel
  • Nikita Chisnikov
    Founder & CEO, Award-winning movie and TV producer
  • Maxim Peshkov
    Famous actor and tutor
  • Julia Panina
    Executive producer
  • Vincenzo De Sio
    Director, Producer, Film tutor
  • Elena Pobereznikova, PhD
    Award-winning scriptwriter, director, producer
  • Mikhail Lykov
    Award-winning film and TV producer
  • Yannis Harbatsis
    Award-winning film director and producer
  • Filipp Rolikhin
    Award-winning film director and producer

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Festival Reviews
  • Elies Villalonga
    Director (Spain)
    Very professional work. Exceptional communication, friendly manners, very accurate review of my short.
    I'm very impressed with the organization.
    I hope to participate in future editions.
  • Raita Nakashima
    Producer (Japan)
    I strongly believe that all the staffs of Short Shot Festival, including the producer (Nikita-san) have global eyes to evaluate each film submitted without preconditions or any preconceived thought unconsciously jurors may have. Through the note sent to us after selection, I found it. I wish this festival will be continuously successful and create new style of film festival to energize film makers over the world.
  • Ava Bounds
    Director (UK)
    The whole experience with Short Shot Fest has exceeded my expectations. My film was reviewed - and it was a lengthy and informed review. The communication has been excellent. Social media from the organisers has kept me up to date with screenings. I would highly recommend this new Festival.
  • Vincenzo De Sio
    Director (Italy)
    Great Pleasure to be a part of Short Shot Fest. Communication always punctual and the Staff very kind. Great selection of short movies from all over the world. Highly recommend! Grazie Short Shot!
  • Hugo Salvaire
    Director (Belgium, France)
    It was a great honor to be selected in this Festival in Moscow.
    Great communication and organization ! I totally recommend it !!
    Thanks again Nikita :)
  • Vicky Carr
    Director (UK)
    Such a lovely festival and very kind staff.
  • Francesco Maffei
    Director (Italy)
    Amazing festival! Fantastic organization and communication. Highly recommended
  • Fabio Soares
    Great communication: Quick & Professional. A really good festival, I can recommend for sure. The review was detailed, honest and complete.
    Thank you, I hope to be back soon with my new movie.
  • Levente Kovacs
    Director (Hungary)
    Short Shot Fest is a young – but very aspirational, quality-driven and professional festival. Their communication is excellent. Their feedback on our short was detailed, precise and instructive. Everything the organizers do serves the best interests of the film-makers and their films.
    Recommended full-heartedly!
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Moscow, Nizhniy Susalniy lane, 5/18

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