May 2023

Official Selection
Here come the best submitted films!
Drama Short
"Happen to Happen"
Julie Joohee Jeon (Korea, 2023)
Andrey Tomashevskiy (Russia, 2023)
"The Woman from Bar Blue"
Jalal Masarwa (Israel, 2023)
"Three Sisters"
Alina Renzhina (Russia, 2023)
"More than A Thousand Miles"
Qiaoyi Li (China, 2023)
Horror Short
"The Edge of Dream"
Igor Tkachenko (Russia, 2022)
Vladimir Motyrev (Russia, 2023)
Katherine Irene Pan (China, 2023)
Narrative Short
"Never More"
Sara Mishel (Russia, 2023)
"The Relapse"
Naren Singh Nayak (India, 2023)
Christophe Lenoir (France, 2023)
"The Only One"
Alexander Siguev (Russia, 2023)
"You, Written by Me"
Ni Jiao (China, 2023)
Anton Tenyakov (Russia, 2023)
Documentary Short
"Between heaven and earth"
Ivan Nikolaev (Russia, 2022)
"Защитники Духа
Alexandra Bogucharskaya (Russia, 2023)
Mini Short (<3 min.)
Vladislav Tinkov (Russia, 2023)
Experimental Short
Dylan Scott (UK, 2023)
"Yuri's Dream"
Ron Chiers (Belgium, 2023)
"Impulsive purchases from Aliexpress"
José Miguel Barriga (Chile, 2023)
Comedy Short
P.M Nelson (USA, 2023)
"The Way to Everest"
Margarita Tokareva (Russia, 2023)
Student Short
Ouyi Chen, Hui Luo (China, 2023)
Ivan Shalaev (Russia, 2023)
"Spaghetti and Lipstick"
Masha Sokolova (Czech Republic, 2023)
Animation Short
"Isaac Schwartz. The Сircus"
Alexander Guriev (Russia, 2023)
"Beastly Robberies. The Russian Museum
Boris Korshunov (Russia, 2023)
"Alex Rostotsky. The Leopard"
Boris Korshunov, Alex Rostotsky (Russia, 2023)
"Sergey Slonimsky. The Bells"
Dmitry Naumov (Russia, 2023)
Sofia Diaz Gonzalez (Russia, 2023)
"A Poem About Our Homelands"
Egor Kharlamov (Russia, 2023)
Morino Emma (France, 2023)
Erika Salazar (USA, 2023)
"Magic Pumpkin"
Oxana Gotchieva (Russia, 2023)
Alexandra Plaxa (Russia, 2023)
"Friends, Let’s Dance"
Nataliya Agapova (Russia, 2023)
Extreme Short (<1 min.)
Pedro Nogueira (Portugal, 2023)
Kofi Afriyie Ntiforo (Ghana, 2023)
Music Video
"Holly by Captain Danger"
Aaron Steinberg (USA, 2023)
Honorable Mention
"A Pink Stocking"
Galina Andreevna Malova-Gra (Russia, 2022)
"The future in our hands"
Shihyun Wang (Taiwan, 2023)
"What happened, before guests arrived"
David Pozdyrka (Russia, 2022)
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