May Official Selection
Here come the best submitted films!
Drama Short
"I'm he King"
Vladimir Rozin (Russia, 2021)
"Glad to See You"
Vladimir Golovnev (Russia, 2021)
Shtol Olga (Russia, 2020)
Andrew Sizykh (Russia, 2021)
"Spare Cash"
Tigran Metaks (Russia, 2021)
Narrative Short
Alexander Mokevnin (Russia, 2021)
"It's More Reliable This Way"
Sophie Salman (Russia, 2021)
"I See"
Victoria Shulga (Russia, 2021)
Documentary Short
“Buon Appetito! Buon Appetito, Sì!”
Gilberto Maltinti (italy, 2021)
"The Longest Rite"
Lily Lu (Germany, 2020)
Mobile Short (incl. Vertical films)
Riyadh Haque (UK, 2021)
Experimental Short
Renato Pagliuso (Italy, 2021)
Comedy Short
Sergey Andreev, Ivan Sitnikov (Russia, 2021)
Student Short
"The Long Life of a Snitch"
Serafim Chikhladze (Russia, 2021)
"The northernmost"
Peter Fadeev (Russia, 2021)
Ava Bounds (UK, 2021)
Animation Short
"The Elevated Ground"
Aleksandra Ferentc (USA, 2021)
"Coffee Bot"
Laise Mendes, Renato Guerra, Alan Bomfim, Bianca Souza (Brazil, 2021)
"Lo Lo Love"
Vladislav Dubkov (Russia, 2021)
"The World's Greatest Home"
Zubair Pradhan (Canada, 2021)
Mini Short (<3 min.)
`Murphy's law"
Jérémy Brondoni (France, 2021)
Commercial Short
"Stuck on the Phone"
acob Alan Clark (USA, 2021)
"Fit for the future"
Jonas Hofmann (France, 2021)
Music Short
"Oh, If We Lived by the Sea
Olga Shtol (Russia, 2021)
Special Mention
Yulia Shamporova
Dan Kjærgaard Jensen, Lennart Falk (Danmark, 2021)
Olesya Chertova (Russia, 2021)
Damir Mehić (Luxembourg, 2020)
Aleksandra Bodraya (Russia, 2021)
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