June 2023

Official Selection
Here come the best submitted films!
Drama Short
"The woman by the window"
Arseniy Gonchukov (Russia, 2023)
"Father's house"
Konstantin Aleksandrov (Russia, 2023)
"Joan of Arc"
Tim S Lott (USA, 2023)
Horror Short
"The Sixth Hour"
Eugene Naumov (Russia, 2022)
Julia Voytyuk (Russia, 2023)
Documentary Short
"an Oath"
VOY Tlisov (Russia, 2022)
"267 Victories"
Viataly Boroday (Russia, 2022)
Experimental Short
Afig Dzhavadzade (Russia, 2023)
Maria Tsvetkova (Russia, 2023)
Julia Voytyuk (Russia, 2023)
Julia Voytyuk (Russia, 2023)
Sveta Gabdrakhimova (Russia, 2023)
Student Short
Victoria Walker (Russia, 2023)
"The Man with the Water Gun"
Dmitry Simbirtsev (Russia, 2023)
"А piece of bread for the bird"
Vera Shtern (Russia, 2023)
"Yet to be departed"
Egor Schirenko (Russia, 2023)
Animation Short
"Happy Little Birthday"
Juni Kweon (USA, 2023)
Ningjing Chen (USA, 2023)
"The 7th Night: MaoMao Revisits"
ahLoong (Malaysia, 2023)
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