February 2022

Official Selection
Here come the best submitted films!
Drama Short
Pavel Pantin (Russia, 2021)
Dustin Gene Chitty (USA, 2021)
Konstantin Soldatov (Russia, 2021)
Horror Short
"The Reunion"
Kyungmin Cho (Republic of Korea , 2021)
Documentary Short
"Where our home: Vadim Keosyan"
Tarasov Vladimir (Russia, 2021)
Mobile Short (incl. Vertical films)
"Man on the Chair"
Gleb Leshchenko (Russia, 2021)
Experimental Short
"The secret mountain"
Shogo Hashimoto (Japan 2021)
Shogo Hashimoto (Japan, 2021)
"A world turned around"
Johanne Chagnon (Canada, 2021)
Comedy Short
"Marry Me"
Viktor Mikhalev (Russia, 2021)
"From Tom on"
Maria Vallin (Sweden, 2021)
Rafael Hovhannisyan (Armenia, 2021)
Student Short
"Camel Bells"
Yushi Zhang (China, 2021)
"Where the elephants are going"
Maxim Bogdanov (Russia, 2021)
"The Surprise"
Valeriy Rudenko (Russia, 2021)
"A Dawn at Minato City"
Sergey Vlasov (Japan, 2021)
Animation Short
Marina Moshkova (Russia, 2021)
""Бухгалтер, эт самое""
Михаил Дед Домбровский (Russia, 2021)
Extreme Short (<1 min)
"Four kilos six hundred"
Bea Casas (Spain, 2021)
"Life Makes Little To No Sense"
Leo Citrin (Canada, 2021)
Fashion Short
Anna Guseva (Russia, 2021)
"TG Brainwashing"
Enrico Bellenghi (Italy, 2021)
Mazdey Snob (Mexico, 2021)
Special Mention
"Not Forgotten"
Amy Jacobson (USA, 2021)
"How to disappear completely and become funny"
Aljaž Markelj (Slovenia, 2021)
"Beatrice's Room"
Or Williams (UK, 2021)
"FRAME - Slime Mold Aliens'
Christoph Theiler, Renate Pittroff (Austria, 2021)
"The Little Prince was coming home"
Vladimir Kovalenko (Russia, 2021)
Java Eladisoy (Canada, 2021)
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