August 2021

Official Selection
Here come the best submitted films!
Drama Short
"Just Like Water"
Manos Triantafillakis (Greece, 2021)
Tatiana Ra (Russia, 2021)
"The Week"
Julia Pak (Russia, 2021)
"The Escape of the Artist"
Innokentiy Zamedyanskiy (Russia, 2021)
Narrative Short
Sergei Smirnov (Russia, 2021)
"The Harvest"
Omer Faruk Yardimci (Turkey, 2021)
Kristina Luninskaia (Russia, 2021)
Documentary Short
"Where the eyes aren't looking"
Alexander Romanov (Russia, 2021)
Mini Short (<3 min.)
"The Dance in the Depth"
Karina Hananeia (Israel, 2019)
Mobile Short (incl. Vertical films)
"My Coffin"
Maciej Marczewski (Poland, 2021)
Comedy Short
"The sun in Pisces"
Elena Saar, Alexey Malashkin (Russia, 2020)
Student Short
"Flowers for you"
Eduard Ratnikov (Russia,2021)
"Eva Wakes Up"
Daria Verevkina (Russia, 2021)
Moscow Short
"Moscow Slide"
Radda Novikova (Russia, 2021)
Animation Short
"And I Forgot"
Koen Malliet (Belgium, 2021)
"The Catapult"
Atiksh Sharma (India, 2021)
Extreme Short (<1 min.)
"Today will be a good day"
Tommy Chin (Malaysia, 2020)
Commercial Short
"Boutique of Love: The Story of White Tree"
Ron Sonedecker (USA, 2021)
Music Video
"The More You Know"
Daniel Leopold (USA, 2020)
Honorable Mention
"Demon Bitch"
Ryan Mannix (Australia, 2021)
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