April Official Selection
Here come the best submitted films!
Drama Short
Archie Meyer (UK, 2020)
Narrative Short
"Accidental Lead"
Thorkell August Ottarsson (Norway, 2021)
Max Bayo (Russia, 2021)
Documentary Short
"The Secrets of Wild Honey"
Igor Virabov (Russia, 2021)
Mobile Short (incl. Vertical films)
"Stooped Down"
Jude Matanguihan (Philippines, 2021)
Experimental Short
Enma Brenes (Costa Rica, 2021)
"La Cena Italiana"
Alex Chu (USA, 2021)
Philippe Safire (USA, 2020)
"Augmented second"
Ksenia Bashmakova (Russia, 2021)
Comedy Short
"The Interview"
Egor Yatsenko (Russia, 2021)
Student Short
"Over the Sea"
Carol Song (China, 2021)
Aleksey Postnov (Russia, 2021)
Animation Short
"Threatened Planet"
Ismail Shaker (Jordan, 2021)
Hannah Sun (USA, 2021)
Mini Short (<3 min.)
"Not Just For Christmas"
Oscar Albert (UK, 2021)
Music Short
"Dad Rock (The Disappointment Song)"
Nathan Leigh (USA, 2021)
Series Short
Ilchenko Stanislav (Russia, 2021)
Special Mention
"Ruth & Nick: A Confectionery Tale"
Carter Rostron (USA,2021)
Ivan Miklin, Denis Nazarov (Russia, 2021)
"Gimme Head: the Tale of the Cuyahoga Valley Bigfoot"
Logan Fry (USA, 2021)
Samuel Thompson (UK, 2021)
Mark Shaba (Australia, 2021)
"Thunderbirds eat Mars away"
Valery Ruban (Russia, 2021)
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