Maxim Kubarka
Maxim Kubarka
Director (Belarus)
Maxim is a self-made film director from Minsk (Belarus). On our festival he took part with his vertical film "Your Spark".

— Tell us a little about your experience? Was it only a film connected or you did/do something else?
— My directing experience, on the one hand, is rather modest. I do not have a specialized or related education related to the film industry. I learned everything on my own, learning from my mistakes. But this did not stop me from creating more than 500 commercial and creative projects that helped midsize and large businesses increase their sales and brands become recognizable. My projects were among the winners at international festivals around the world.

— What inspired you to make your short film? How did you come up with that idea?

— I received an order to create a native advertisement for welding machines, which was to be filmed as a small motivating story in a vertical format. The goal was for the viewer to be inspired and immersed in an exciting video, feel the emotions of the protagonist as much as possible and, as a result, want to buy a welding machine. That is, it was necessary to lead the character to success through life's trials and subtly hint that he achieved everything, largely thanks to his faithful companion - the welding machine (the welding machine led him to a better life). I immediately remembered my old friend Sergei, who, one might say, from childhood worked as a welder in the fittings shop at the plant. Soon I found out that Sergey was no longer a welder, but an eminent kickboxing champion and part-time coach in one of the best gyms in the capital. I quickly made a storyboard and provided it to the client. As a result, the customer decided to opt for a shorter and more classic advertisement. But by that time I was already inspired by the project and decided to create a strong video that would inspire desperate people.
—Tell us how it was to produce your film?

— As with most of my projects, I did everything myself. Storyboard, screenplay, production, camera, direction, etc. The budget was minimal: plant rental $30, pool rental $200, props $100, miscellaneous expenses $100.
I was afraid of problems with filming at the factory due to the specific contingent that works there. But, to my great surprise, during the filming process, the workers did not interfere, but only actively tried to help. For example, it was necessary to create an epic sheaf of sparks in the background of a welding fighter, they were so addicted to this process that they used up a large number of cutting discs for metal and ruined expensive fittings for production. All in the name of art!
The entire filming process took a total of 5 hours over 4 days. Filmed everything on a SONY A7iii camera and edited in Final Cut Pro.
— Were there any funny or memorable moments on the set?

— Although I tried to be as strict and focused as possible, it was not without fun. I remember best how Sergei dived into the pool in clothes and a welding mask that always flew off his head. In the end, I had to tape it to my head with tape. At lunchtime, drunk welders competed to see who could hit the punching bag the hardest, remembering how strong and agile they were in their youth.
— What is your favorite film(s)?
— I grew up on American cinema, you can say breast-fed the Statue of Liberty. The first thing that comes to mind is the Terminator and Sarah Conor's phrase "An unknown future is flying towards us. But for the first time I look at him with hope. Because even if the robot is a terminator
understood the value of human life, maybe we will understand too?"
— Give advice for those who want to make a film, but don't know from where to start?
— Just do it! It may be trite, but it works 100% and in all aspects of our lives. All resources are good!
From my experience, I realized that the most important thing is the idea, and everything else is already a technique and a skill that will come with experience. But the paradox is that an idea without action is nothing, and vice versa.
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