Volkan Girgin
Volkan Girgin
Director (Turkey)
Volkan Girgin is a creenwriter and actor from Turkey.
He was born on 1974, in İstanbul and lives in There. Volkan went to İTÜ State Conservatory for 2 years, then he graduated from Anadolu University Department Of Business. At the University of Kültür he did his master degree from Communication Design.
From 1993, Volkan appeared in 6 Films and 7 serials. To date, 5 films and 5 series for which he wrote the script have been shot. He continues his works as a screenwriter and also as an actor.
Volkan took part in our festival with his very "unusual" film "Don't Talk".
We asked Volkan to share his experience in filmmaking.

— Tell us a little about your experience? Was it only a film connected or you did/do something else?
I am an actor and scriptwriter for years. I have started my career at theatres, then played roles in Tv series. I also have written many movies and Tv series. 'Don't Talk' is my first experience as a director. I wanted to direct my own story this time. That was worth to do it. I am planning to continue direct my script.

— What inspired you to make your short film? How did you come up with that idea?

— 'İf you want to kill someone, It is enough to kill their ideas.' I wanted to make a film on this logline. Thus 'Don't Talk' was born. First logline appeared, then the idea.
— Tell us how it was to produce your film? What was the starting point, funding, script, shooting, casting, edit etc.
— First of all we applied for our national foundations. Republic Of Turkey Ministry Of Culture And Tourism and also by 12 Punto TRT Script supported my film.
The funds that we received, solved our financial problems. We started preparations in May. We shot the film in two days. The famous actors who are my friends played in my movie without money. We did the post production at Fono Studyo. My film is completed at July,2020.
—Funny or scary moments on the set?
— I live in Istanbul. It is fascinating city which is very crowded. There was a huge problem which is called COVID. In order not to spread we had harsh pandemic restrictions. There was a curfew, restaurants were closed, public institutions were operating at low capacity. We've always done our preparations online like costume rehearsals, reading rehearsals. I selected venue online. When the pandemic rules began to relax, we took our health precautions and shot the film quickly. We kept in touch with everyone for 14 days. I am so glad no one got sick. But working in these conditions was very scary.

— Do you have a dream?

— My dream is producing films that can cross the borders and find a way to understand each other.
— What is your favorite film?

— "Modern Times" from Charlie Chaplin, "Le Charme Discret De La Bourgeoisie" by Luis Bunuel, "Andrei Rublev" by Andrei Tarkovsky
— Give advice for those who want to make a film, but don't know from where to start?
— 1. Find a idea
2. Take lots of notes
3. Write your logline
4. Take many notes
5. Write synopsis
6. Start to apply for funds
7. Take lots of notes
8. Write treatment
9. Take so many notes
10. Write script's first draft
11. Continue to apply for funds
12. Write the other drafts of script and get rid of your notes
13. İf you find money, your script is interesting for someone.
14. Get in touch with professionals and continue your way with them
15. Ask for advice but never lose your control. Don't forget! İt is your film.
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