Mátyás Ulz
Mátyás Ulz
Director (Hungary)
Mátyás Ulz is a director from Hungary. His film "Vertigo" with famous hungarian actress Katica Nagy in leading role is taking part in our festival in July, 2021. We asked Mátyás to answer several questions about his filming experience.

— Tell us a little about your experience? Was it only a film connected or you did/do something else?
—I studied as Film and Media Specialist Bsc on Eszterházy Károly University in Hungary. This experimental short movie called Vertigo was made as my exam movie. My Diploma movie was Honour ("Metoometoo") with which we won 17 awards around the world. I worked on it as a Director of Photography, and as a Film Editor. This semester I will start my MSc studies in Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design.

— What inspired you to make your short film? How did you come up with that idea?

— The movie is based on a true story. An actress worked in an hungarian theater where a well known director abused her. She decided to commit a suicide. I depicted the spiritual process behind the story. In the two minute there is no dialogue that could illegitimate her feelings.
—Tell us how it was to produce your film?

— This was a "love project" where I worked with my friends from the film industry. I produced the movie, if we had to rent something for the shoot I financed it.
— Were there any funny or memorable moments on the set?

— We could not find a taxi, and a taxi driver who would work in my exam movie (not even if we paid for it) so, I decided to transform our family car into a taxi. I bought a cheap taxi lamp from a car shop and I composed the pictures so as not to be red handed that we are using a fake taxi.
— Do you have a dream?

My dream is to shoot my own feature movie where I am the director.
— What is your favorite film(s)?
— My favourite movie is the "Eyes wide shut" directed by Stanley Kubrick.
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