Joseph Orr

Joseph Orr
Director (Ireland)
Joseph Orr was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. After studying film in DIT, he quickly discovered a passion for animation, specifically stop motion. His gateway into this world was through LEGO stop motion comedy sketches which he made for his YouTube channel - Speak Broccoli. He has worked on many shorts (live action and animated) over the years but "Dracuvan" is his first original animated project.

— Tell us a little about your experience? Was it only a film connected or you did/do something else?
— My name is Joseph and I studied Film Production in College but it wasn't until my first job that I discovered animation. I worked for a company that delivered workshops in creative media for kids and young adults. I experimented with LEGO and a stop motion app to create a brand new workshop. From that day on I was making content to support these workshops which later led to me setting up my own YouTube channel and making short animation films: channel/UCpibf5CkWHTOewvK7_ xzzuA

— What inspired you to make your short film? How did you come up with that idea?

— I really wanted to make something Vampire themed. There's a great festival in Dublin called the Bram Stoker Festival and I loved the idea of making something to be part of it. I also really liked the idea of setting the film in Dublin, and creating some Dublin architecture as part of my set. I had a lot of fun with the idea that Dracula could adapt his blood thirsty ways into a successful business venture.
—Tell us how it was to produce your film?

— Altogether it took roughly 8 months to make the entire short. I started with the song. I wrote and recorded a rough version on my Macbook using Garageband. Once I had a rough version I used this to storyboard out the entire short. Then I started making sets and characters and animating each scene in mostly chronological order. I funded the whole thing myself and the most expensive part was the software. I had to buy a Dragonframe license for the animating and a Final Cut Pro license for the editing. I'd say altogether I spent €700 including art materials.
— Do you have a dream?

— My dream would be to one day be making animated movies as my full time job. Stop motion animating is quite a niche area and there aren't too many jobs in Ireland in that field. However, for the moment, I will keep making animated shorts in my spare time.
— Were there any funny or memorable moments on the set?

— No real scary moments on set. I filmed the whole thing in a wardrobe turned animation studio in my spare bedroom so it was a very solitary experience. I work 9-5.30 so the hardest part was finding the time in the evenings and weekends to make the short.
— What is your favorite film(s)?
— I can never seem to narrow my favourite film to just one. I am a massive Pixar fan so definitely some of their films would be up the top of my list, Toy Story, The Incredibles etc. I also really love The Iron Giant. In terms of live action movies it would be Galaxy Quest, The Last Samurai and Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid.
— Give advice for those who want to make a film, but don't know from where to start?
— My advice to anyone seeking to make a film or animation would be to just make it. You can tinker with an idea forever but sometimes you just have to get the ideas out of your head and onto the screen. Even if it's half an idea or not as developed as you'd like. Make something, enter it in a festival, post it on YouTube, just get your work out there for others to see.
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