Official Event
June/July Special Screening

29 August 2020

On August 29, in the "Books" pavilion at VDNKh was held a special short films screening. The event was held within the "Night of Cinema", which traditionally takes place in Moscow from 29 to 30 August.
The Short Shot Fest screening at the "Books" Pavilion at VDNKh was supported by the State Museum and Exhibition Center ROSIZO, founded by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.
ROSIZO develops and implements exhibition projects in partnership with leading world museums.
For a special screening, 5 films from Russia, Belgium, Hungary, Serbia were selected to take part in this special event.
These films had been selected from more than 250 films from 47 countries, including Canada, USA, Great Britain, France, Colombia, India , China, Mexico, Portugal, Brazil, Latvia, Switzerland, Germany and other countries.
The characters of the films which were submitted to our festival in June/July session are speaking in 32 languages!
All films were shown in their original language with Russian and English subtitles.
VDNKh, where the show was held, is an iconic place which is popular with Muscovites and tourists. The pavilions on the territory of the park were opened in 1939, and the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy itself (this is how the abbreviation VDNKh stands) was supposed to reflect the advantage of Soviet collectivization over capitalism. There are many architectural masterpieces on the territory of VDNKh: 49 objects are recognized as monuments of cultural heritage.
Each year VDNKh is visited by 30 million people!
The pavilion "Books", which hosted the special screening was built in 1952-54, and in 2017 has been renovated by the State Museum and Exhibition Center "ROSIZO" and the Russian Military-Historical Society with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation in this historic building .
After the renovation, several zones in the pavilion spaces were organized: a reading room, a lecture hall, a bookstore and a cafe. It also contains a library of modern rare and limited books editions.
"The "Books" Pavilion is one of the spaces of the ROSIZO Museum and Exhibition Center, where we actively hold exhibitions, organize a lecture program and select the most unusual films in order to truly surprise our visitors. The young festival "Short Shot Fest" is a vivid example of this, the participating films do not fit into any framework, so we boldly present these works to the judgment of our viewers", said Tatyana Volosatova, director of the State Exhibition Center" ROSIZO ".
In this iconic place that breathes history, the "Short Shot Fest" show has taken on a special dimension. The unique historical architectural environment and modern interiors helped numerous viewers to immerse themselves even deeper into the stories told from the cinema screen by talented directors, two of whom - Igor Nevedrov (the film "Coat") and Evgeny Chubarov (the film "Mom, you are a fool") told the public about how their films were made, and answered audience questions.
And it becomes a tradition that audience vote for the best watched film. This time more than 50 percent of 150 people in hall chose film "Coat"!
We hope that after the end of the pandemic, directors from other countries will also be able to come and personally present their films in Moscow. We are all looking forward to it!

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