Official Event
Optimistic Films Screening
24 October 2020

Last Saturday, on October 24, an autumn screening of films participating in the Short Shot Fest took place at the "Efir" art- center.
With almost complete absence of positive news, the screening of films filled with vitality and optimism is a real gift that was appreciated by all those who were present at the "Efir" art-center on October 24.
Our Optimistic Screening has brought together in one program comedies and documentaries that can cheer you up .
At the same time, audience were not able just to watch a good films that cannot be seen on TV in a cinema or on the Internet, but also have a discussion with several film directors who were on the event!
The program included films by Russian directors Sergei Filatov "Fusion", Oleg Ageichev "Talent", Alexei Petrashevich "Jack and Chan", Artem Gilemyanov "Death of an official", Pavel Kulevkin "Bros Pastime", as well as films "Bless me, Father" by French director Boubkar Benzabat, "Moon drops" by Israeli director Yoram Ever-Hadani, "Siri" by American director Jake Rasmussen, "The Gnome" by another American director Roni Hern, "Garden Plot" by Austrian Alexander Pescador, "My flatmate Jonas" by German director Yannick Widwald, "ifoundyourfilm" from the Dutch Jelte van Lente and Hanne van der Velde.
Russian directors presented their films to the public in person, and foreign festival participants sent video greetings, which were very warmly received by Russian viewers, as, indeed, all films presented during the October session of the festival.
At the end of the screening, viewers were asked to vote for the best, in their opinion, film.
It was the work "Siri" by American director Jake Rasmussen.
Short Shot Fest is a new short film festival that shortens the path from making a film to getting to know the public and being recognized by the professional film community.
Short Shot Fest participants are filmmakers from all over the planet. The summer session was attended by films from 47 countries in 20 languages.
The autumn session, which will close at the end of November, currently involves films shot in 32 languages, which came to the organizing committee of the festival from 35 countries.
A feature of Short Shot Fest is its interactivity. Participants from Russia, USA, UK, Czech Republic, France, Colombia, Spain, Portugal, Bolivia, China, Japan, Serbia, Slovenia, Greece and other countries do not just send their works to nowhere, each of them has a chance to become a "protagonist", by sending his video welcome, talking about the stages of making films, sources of inspiration and dreams in interviews on the Short Shot Fest website and on social media.
The task of the Short Shot Fest is not only to evaluate the film, but also to help the participant to promote it as much as possible. The festival is happy to provide its online platforms for filmmakers.
At the end of each season, Short Shot Fest has seasonal screenings.
The autumn event is scheduled for the end of November, if the epidemiological situation allows.
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